Existing Home Energy Audit Quote


The audit includes blower door testing and infrared scanning as required.

This inspection is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of information about your home. It also offers suggestions of what you can do to improve it. We invite you to accompany your Go Green,NM Rater/Auditor in order to fully understand the issues and solutions.

You receive a complete report about your home which outlines what we found and includes our recommendations.

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Your Go Green, NM Rater/Auditor will perform a complete energy rating of your home and provide a written report and Energy Rating certificate.

  • A short phone consultation will determine the nature of your problem and assess your needs.
  • A site visit includes the following services:
    1. Visual and infrared inspections of insulation systems.
    2. Air-sealing capacity by means of a blower door.
    3. Testing for proper operation of heating and cooling systems.
    4. Combustion Safety Testing.
    5. Ductwork inspection (if accessible and applicable).

Your report includes:

  • Computer modeling of your home with an assessment of its current condition.
  • Computer analysis of potential improvements with a detailed description of the economic impact of each suggested improvement.
  • Durable Energy Rating certificate which verifies your home's performance to future buyers.
  • Solutions with results! Find our more about our retrofit services!

Go Green, NM provides a number of services for Existing Homes. Please schedule with us today!